Fiat Ducato Horsebox

Why Fiat Ducato

The Fiat Ducato is available in 3.5T or 4T, 4.25T with 4.5T and 5T available on the ALKO chassis. Offering both a platform cab and back to back cabs (so that customers can choose the length, weight and number of axles of their vehicle) especially designed for second stage body builders such as ourselves. The Fiat Ducato not only offers a heavier weight upgrade to other manufacturers, but is also available with an automatic gearbox. The Fiat Ducato has been designed to minimise the risk of damage and to increase your productivity. Raised Light Clusters / Their raised position protects them from damage in the case of accidental impact. Three Part Bumper / The individual sections can be easily replaced in the case of any damage, with lower repair costs compared to a one-piece bumper. Contact Bloomfields Horseboxes

Fiat Ducato Horsebox Engine

Engine options available are:

  • 2.2L 130 bhp Manual/Auto
  • 2.2L 150bhp Manual/Auto
  • 2.2L 180bhp Manual/Auto
  • 3.5T
  • 4.0T
  • 4.2T
  • 4.5T
  • 5.0T
Reflective Windscreen on the Fiat Ducato Horsebox

Reflects infrared rays, keeping the passenger compartment cooler.

Up to 15 degrees lower than a vehicle with a normal windscreen.

Reduces the need for air conditioning, thus reducing fuel consumption and enhancing comfort.

Fiat Dashboard

The New Fiat Horsebox comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first).

3 Year Warranty on Fiat Ducato Horseboxes