Safer by Design…

The Legacy S Horsebox Incorporates a breast bar with a shelf and full opening grills in front of each horse. The higher breastbar is ideal for bigger horse and can be specified to be lower at the time of build for ponies. The use of the twin breastbar in the construction of the Legacy S gives maximum strength should a horse try to jump onto the shelf, giving extra peace of mind while travelling unpredictable horses. With weight in mind, the Legacy S boasts an empty weight of approximately 2430kg (depending on specification).

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From £54,113 + VAT. Or finance from as little as £645 based on a 30% deposit with 60% balloon over 60 months. Other finance options available. Finance is subject to status and these are example figures only Contact Bloomfields

The jockey door under the shelf in the breastbar wall means that the horse area can be accessing from the living. The re-enforced sloping anti-jump shelf eliminates the need or dangerous weave grills. Feed/water bowls can be recessed into a flat shelf for your horses comfort whilst on longer journeys or at a show.

The use of the shelf makes living feel slightly larger, giving extra seating space under the shelf, or if a bed is required a double pull out can be made. The two bench seats have a front opening door for extra storage, which is ideal for a stow away portable toilet or grooming equipment giving the best use of space. Available in 3.5T, 4T, 4.25T & 4.5T

Individually closing grilles to each horse giving easy access. The grills give maximum ventilation whilst spaced close enough to eliminate any injury to your horse. The individually opening grilles in-front of each horse makes accessing the horses heads from the grooms area simple.

The oversized rear door helps with access to the saddle racks stowed under the shelf and the bridle hooks situated on the back wall. Or if you prefer to access your tack from the outside, the Legacy S also lends itself well to large external tack lockers, either one on each side or a large double tack locker across one side, and as all of our horseboxes are built to order, this can be made to measure for your needs.

Opening windows are placed in the grooms area as standard but can be moved into the horse area if required. The option of Perspex over the grills is a popular feature as this helps to keep the grooms area clean from hay and dust.

New for 2018 our one piece composite floor has been specifically designed by Bloomfields, and fabricated for our flooring purposes. Comprising of a double layer honeycomb with GRP outer skins and anti-slip coating. Benefit from our anti-corrosion guarantee on our composite floor panel. Strong and durable, this has been specifically designed with jet washing and longevity in mind.

Legacy S Strength Tested Bulkhead

The Bloomfields strength tested bulkhead is incorporated into all our models, safety as standard! The Rhino SafeStep is a chassis mounted rear step which makes stepping in and out of the horsebox safe and easy. A bespoke design means that each SafeStep is set to the optimum height and complements the aesthetics of the vehicle. Anti-Slip plastic tread plates are covered in safety reflective tape as standard.


  • 2 x Opening Grilles.
  • Flush Bonded Windows.
  • Oversized rear door.
  • LED light & Calming Light.
  • Dual Camera.
  • 2 x External Tie Rings.
  • Mud Flaps.
  • Colour Coded Bumpers.
  • 2 x Seat Storage Boxes.
  • Polycarbonate Roof Vent.
  • Jockey Door through to Living Area.
  • 2 Saddle Poles & Bridle Hooks.
  • Rubber Ramp Gaiter.
  • Drain Holes.
  • Moulded Padded Partition.
  • Two Colour Metallic Paint.
  • Ramp Strap.
  • Lightweight Cushioned EVA Floor & Wall Rubber.
  • Plus Many More…


  • Locking Luton Doors.
  • Wardrobe Shelf & Rail.
  • Polycarbonate Roof Vent.
  • Electric Roof Fan.
  • Dual Camera System.
  • Window in Bulkhead.
  • Tow Bar.
  • Mirror in Living Area.
  • Removable Bed.
  • Nappa Leather Cab Seats.
  • Leatherette Cab Seats.
  • Ramp on Drivers Side.
  • Monopan.
  • Hide away Toilet.
  • Perspex Over Grilles.
  • Leisure Battery.
  • Horse Shower.
  • Sliding Partition.
  • Heating.
  • Plus Many More…